Duyen Nguyen


Curator, Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture, Vietnam


Duyen Nguyen女士自2003年起擔任越南峴港占婆雕塑博物館的策展與教育人員,前後約十年之久。她目前是英國倫敦大學亞非學院(SOAS, University of London)藝術史與考古學博士候選人,其論文題目探討越南博物館脈絡下的占婆藝術策展,聚焦於風格定年、博物館認同,以及文物真實性等面向。她擁有兩個碩士學位,分別是美國紐約大學(New York University)博物館學碩士(2012)與英國倫敦大學亞非學院藝術史與考古學碩士(2015)。


Ms Duyen Nguyen worked as Curator and Educator at the Museum of Cham Sculpture in Da Nang for about 10 years since 2003. She is currently a PhD candidate in the History of Art and Archaeology Department at SOAS, University of London. Her thesis is on the curation of Cham art in the context of museums in Vietnam, with a focus on stylistic chronology, museum identity and object authenticity. She received her first Master's Degree in Museum Studies from New York University in 2012 and her second Master's Degree in Art History and Archaeology from SOAS in 2015.