Saneh Mahaphol


Director of Conservation Science Division, Fine Arts Department,

Ministry of Culture, Thailand


Saneh Mahaphol先生為泰國文化部藝術司保存科學科科長,1997年畢業於曼谷的蘭甘亨大學(Ramkhamhaeng University)化學系,並於藝術司擔任保存科學人員長達二十年。他參加過數場文化遺產保存與科學檢測的國際訓練課程,也曾與數個國際組織進行合作,包括國際博物館協會保存維護委員會(ICOM-CC)於2019年在英國的Wet Organic Archaeological MaterialsWOAM)工作小組。他同時也致力規劃多項教育訓練課程與工作坊,並出版相關著作,以協助提升泰國博物館人員之專業能力。


Mr Saneh Mahaphol is Director of the Conservation Science Division in the Fine Arts Department of Thailand's Ministry of Culture. He received a BSc in chemistry from Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok (1997) and has served as conservation scientist in the Fine Arts Department for 20 years. He has also attended several international training courses on conservation and scientific examination of cultural heritage. He has worked with several international organizations, such as ICOM-CC Wet Organic Archaeological Materials (WOAM) in the UK (2019). He has also developed numerous training courses and workshops and published extensively to improve the competence of museum staff across Thailand.